There is a wide array of learning difficulties, and many children (between 4 and 6%) suffer from them. They are not due to a lack of intelligence, or to unfavorable socioeconomic circumstances, or to a psychoaffective problem. One of the important factors in the development of learning disabilities is a lack of awareness of the appropriate articulatory or physical gesture. This entails a disturbance of short-term memory, a prerequisite for a normal learning process.

These difficulties include dyslexia (having do to with reading), dysorthography (the relation of sounds to written letters), and dyspraxia (the use and coordination of learned gestures). Also included among these difficulties are dysphasia (for spoken language) and dyscalculia (concerning mathematical functions and numbers).

The TOMATIS Method operates on the plasticity of the neural circuits involved in the decoding and analysis of sounds, as well as on those involved in motricity, balance, and coordination. As such, the TOMATIS Method can help children develop compensatory strategies to deal with and manage their learning difficulties and language disorders. The TOMATIS Method does not eliminate these problems altogether, but at least helps the person manage them better and thus effectively overcome them.


  • Learning disorders
  • Language disorders
  • Attention disorders


SOLISTEN GroupSOLISTEN Group : Equipped with special headphones, SOLISTEN plays specially processed and preselected music to stimulate the auditory integration system. By reproducing the electronic gate, this stimulation ensures the accurate integration of the acoustic information and helps the brain to better receive, select and process this information.

Work possibilities

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  • Designed for Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Physical Therapist and Special Need Teachers.
  • Can be either used by individuals or small groups.
  • Listening Program adapted for a 2 hour sessions per day during two periods of 30 days.
  • No-technical knowledge required to implement it
  • A specific 3 days training course
  • Mentoring and assistance year long