Training course

This Training provides an initial 3-day training course to learn about the TOMATIS Method. You are trained to use SOLISTEN in your field of expertise with your customers or students. This highly practical course is supplemented by a continued training online to assist you in introducing this technology into your work.

Course summary for individual teachers and schools : SOLISTEN® training is an intense 3-day course covering the vital aspects of the ear through its integration with the brain, the nervous system, the muscles of the middle ear and the vestibular system. You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of SOLISTEN's impact on the regulation of emotions, listening and communica-tion, attention and behavior.

Course summary for individual foreign languages teachers : The 3-day training is specially designed for foreign languages teachers. You will be taught how the TOMATIS Method can help for foreign language integration and how to use SOLISTEN® within your practice. You will learn how through several listening programs the TOMATIS® METHOD helps people to leave the phonetic channel of their mo-ther tongue and open themselves to the that of the foreign language.